Fraudsters are smart. We’re smarter.

Eliminate fraud along every part of the marketing funnel.

Fraud Defence Is Your Digital Armor

machine learning to detect and block non-human traffic in real time.

Our sophisticated ad fraud detection methods identify malicious activity and allow you to eliminate bad actors so you can optimize your digital spend towards higher quality traffic.Inmobi Fraud Defence uses machine-learning and advanced bot fingerprinting to identify and block ad fraud so you can eliminate costly, ineffectual marketing spend and keep your inventory safe. At the same time, we know fraud is an ongoing battle.

75% of the campaigns are lack in quality. You deserve the best.You deserve the premium ads.

Ensure your ads are seen by real people and optimize their viewability to IAB standards and beyond.

Full-Funnel Fraud Detection


We detect invalid traffic (SIVT & GIVT) to keep you safe from sophisticated botnets, maliciously loaded ads, data center traffic, click farms, proxies, hijacked devices, malicious ad injectors, and more.

And we protect you from malicious actors who manipulate the attribution processes, falsely earning credit for conversions by stuffing cookies, faking installs, and injecting clicks where they don’t belong.

Fraudsters also fool advertisers by deliberately misrepresenting their inventory as coming from premium sources. We see through attempts to spoof domains and app ids and report the true placement of your ad, helping you audit your supply sources and get the inventory you paid for.

75% of the campaigns are lack in quality. You deserve the best.You deserve the premium ads.

Protect your brand from inappropriate placements by knowing where your ad really appeared.

Mobile & Video Fraud


Mobile digital advertising is still the wild west of the industry – advertisers are shifting dollars faster than verification can keep up. Forensiq has partnered with mobile industry leaders to build a best in class detection system across mobile web and in app that can combat the highly sophisticated techniques that fraudsters are using to exploit the channel.

Bad actors also find the high CPMs prevalent in video to be an attractive target. Forensiq not only protects you from highly advanced bots targeting video inventory such as Sportsbot, but from high-risk suppliers who misrepresent the video’s originating domain and format.